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Content Marketing with a Difference

It is no doubt that the marketing world has been changing over time. What worked for your business in 90’s may not necessarily work for you today. Nevertheless, there have been various opportunities popping up every time as the world is going online. As a great marketer, you ought to be aware of these trends in the market.

A study shows that more than 86% of businesses across the globe have abandoned traditional marketing and have migrated to content marketing. What does that tell you? Simple, your competitors have been using an online marketing strategy that’s why it is becoming difficult for you to be them. 

The only thing you can do to beat your competitors is to embrace content marketing. It may not be a surprise that even your potential customers are peeping into the windows of your competitors because of their marketing strategy. If you don’t do anything you might lose them. That’s why you need to know all about content marketing.

A. What Does Content Marketing Actually Mean?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves consistent coming up with valuable content and sharing it with an aim of attracting new customers while ensuring your potential customers always return. In other words, it is educating consumers so as they can know, like, commit and develop trust to do any business with you.

You may ask yourself, what makes it different from what am using? Well. Content marketing uses podcasts, blogs, videos and diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to do an advert while the traditional copywriting marketing involves copywriters writing attractive headlines, very persuasive pages and emails. Any effective content marketing combines both of them.

Actually, content marketing is a strategy that is meant for long-term that aims at enhancing a strong relationship with consumers by consistently giving them quality information content about your products and services.

B. Major Categories to Put Content Marketing Efforts

Now that you have known what content marketing is, the next thing which might be ringing bells in your mind is how you can see yourself rising above your competitors using this strategy. To succeed in this marketing approach, you ought to know the 3 major categories you should put your efforts in. They include:
● Offline marketing
● Online marketing
● Hybrids marketing

a) Offline Marketing

This mostly involves giving good stories about your products and services to your customers through comic books and even blogs. If you happen to create good storytelling blogs and you have superb products you can be sure to have good sales. The content must be valuable and very relevant to your potential consumers.

b) Online Marketing

Content marketing has been about the internet from the time it was introduced. It usually involves podcasts, infographics, videos, and even various social media. This is the most common strategy used by various businesses. Mostly offline leads to online marketing. You can just check into it.

c) Hybrids Marketing

This is becoming more popular characterised by applications and various social media like snap chat, periscope, telegram etc. This makes it easier to enjoy both online and offline.

In conclusion, ensure your content marketing budget is regulated to avoid losses because migrating to content marketing strategy is a must. If you consistently provide quality information for a long time you will definitely win. Let your content be good.