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Importance of Paid Search

Current Consumer Behavior

Research in the United States shows that over 87% of consumers conduct researches on the internet before making any purchase. This means that if your company has not switched to search engine optimization (SEO), you are losing a lot. It is possible that even your potential customers are visiting other companies on the internet and soon you might lose them.

You should be aware of the trends of consumer behavior. Consumers nowadays have become smarter in their purchase and they don’t just buy a commodity on the spot. They are visiting the internet to do research, to see reviews and even the feedback given by various customers.

Understanding Paid Search

According to a study by Sirius Decisions in 2014, 67% of buyers start their purchase journey digitally or simply by visiting the internet. 57% of consumers make and complete purchase decision through the internet before contacting their suppliers. The research shows that there is very minimal contact between the buyer and the vendor during the buying process. To be precise, 11 times.

You cannot, therefore, dispute the effect of inbound marketing and paid adverts on the internet. You can be sure to beat your competitors and reach more of your consumers by having Pay-Per-Click (PPC) adverts. Of course, this will not solve all your company’s web problems; it is only a marketing strategy that will make your company grow.

With the increased consumer’s knowledge of the products and media methods they want, it is your mandate to ensure they find what they want on your website. To ensure that once they visit you, they will always return to your site. Dig deep in your pocket so as to have a proper search for your customers.

Why Paid Search

There are various benefits of using Pay-Per-Click advert strategy in search engines.
● It is Always Available when Customers are Searching
A study done in United State by Mashable, most adults spend at least 11 hours daily in digital media. This is the time they visit the internet search engines so as to determine what they want to buy. Your PPC appears there every time they are on the internet. That will really grow your company.
● It Creates Message that is Targeted
PPC ads ensure that it creates a message that is targeted to the potential customers. With a call to action, it has the ability to change the messaging very easy and quick. If you are dealing with huge numbers of customers daily, then having PPC that is more customized would be good for you. You can also include links and extensions to your ads for more information to your customers.
● It Complements your Organic Search Efforts
In case you have been using SEO yet realizing minimal response, then incorporating PPC ads will see you increase your yields. It shows more relevance of your company if you are using the two search methods.
● It Boosts other Marketing Strategies
As various studies have shown, customers use various media platforms before making a purchase. It may start from offline like looking it in the newspaper, brochures or magazines. Always have a PPC alongside other marketing channels so as to capture your customers.
● Always has a Broad Reach
PPC gives you an option of the range of the audience you want your advert to reach. Your PPC setting enables you to reach those you want.
In conclusion, for the sake of capturing your current and future customers in their purchasing journey, you have to adopt the use of paid search as your marketing strategy. Try it today.